One fundamental difference from your own country in owning a property in Turkey is that buying a house or apartment often means that you become part of an officially organized Community of Owners. Find out from your lawyer when you are purchasing your property if there is a Community of Owners and how it is run. The upkeep and value of your property will depend largely on the efficiency of the Community of Owners. New buildings will be the responsibility of the promoter or builder until they are all completed and sold. As an owner of a property in a collective group of houses or in a block of flats, you will be notified and invited to attend a meeting to formally hand over the responsibility of general upkeep of the collective properties to a newly formed Community of Owners. Older properties are part of and already ongoing Community of Owners. From the official owners each year, someone has to be elected as President. There are other official roles to be filled and there will be an Annual General Meeting each year, of which you will receive formal notice, in time for you to be able to attend. The purpose is to ensure safe upkeep and good maintenance of the urbanization or block(s) of apartments for the benefit of all owners. There are laws and bylaws which pertain to the setting up, running and statutes of the Community. Since many foreigners have become home owners in Turkey and especially in Bodrum, a lot of English speaking people have become involved in these Communities. If you require our services, we will send an expert team to inspect your complex to inform you in details.