Bosay Bosay Bosay

Established in 04 February 1989, Bodrum Bosay Site & Property Management has fast become one of Bodrum’s most respected property management agents & now manages a property portfolio with over 40 private properties and 22 complexes. Acting on behalf of both corporate and private clients based from over all the world, we offer a complete range of property management services and solutions.

Bodrum Bosay Site & Property Management is a authorized and licensed property management company and registered by all Turkish locals, tax office and is a member of the Local Business Association with the ID:003685 Our company has the structure which is suitable to the European Unions laws and European Norms, and gives services as an organization with expert staff. We have lawyers, accountants, technical service and other experts in our team. Our English and Turkish speaking staff can help and advice you owners a perfect service without any communication problems.


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